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Grand Bassam - World Heritage Site - Second Empire Architecture Photos - History Of Grand Bassam Ivory Coast.

In July of 2012, Grand Bassam was accepted to the “World Heritage Sites.” And, I hope to video, and photograph maybe 15-30 of the building here in Grand Bassam that appear historically significant. Please try to understand the photos and videos are taken as research. I have yet to find any information here in Grand Bassam explaining the buildings. If I am lucky, and I persevere, maybe I can uncover the people to help. If would seem possible, that somewhere the “World Heritage Site,” has given information to the community of Grand Bassam. They have not made this obvious, I have walked around looking at 20 some building, and decide this one maybe be the oldest.

This is the World Heritage Site page about Grand Bassam

Age? - I am quite sure, before 1893, but unknown.

Orginal use: Unknown

Owner: Unknown

Name Given: "Second Empire Building."



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Miscellaneous Information:

This book appears to call this the building:
Maison Ganamet, rue Bonoua, Grand Bassam
- Problem? As best I can tell rue Bonoua is in Imperial on the other side of the lagoon from Quartier France. And, many web sites have copied, distorted, and churned this questionalble information. I have not found the actual book. 

Photos Grand Bassam Second Empire Architecture Photos

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